Jugular and Resonance

The Jugular Project, led by Shama Rahman, is one of those brave beasts that attempts to meld science and art – or as they have it, “the head and the heart” – with talks from physicists, biologists and gerentologists, among others, mixed in with animation, music, dance and theatre inspired by the science. I joined them over the summer on their tour of boutique music festivals – The Secret Garden and Wilderness – bringing this heady and hearty cocktail to frazzled festivalgoers. On November 29th, we’ll be doing it all again in an immersive, participatory form here in old London town, and tomorrow (November 1st) I’ll be talking complexity, science, music and art on Resonance FM with the Jugular team. Tune in if you’re London-based, or head down to the main event on November 29th; tickets are available here: http://jugularexperiment1.eventbrite.com/#

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