Science Songwriters at Green Man

Science Songwriter OF THE FUTURE reached the Green Man festival this summer, as competition winners joined me in Einstein’s garden to lead science songwriting workshops every day. Children and adults joined us to write songs about space pirates, the activities going on in Einstein’s Garden, and in one case a PhD student helped us write a song about their thesis! On Sunday, one group of young science songwriters joined us on the Solar Stage to perform their song “Lonely Space Pony”. It was a big hit with the assembled Green Manners.

Next they will have the chance to record at House of Strange studios in London – more news as it comes! In the meantime, you can see what we got up to at Green Man – including Jamie wearing his SSOTF gold medal, designed exclusively for us by Tuck Shop

I’d like to offer thanks again to all of our judges, to Hayley Birch from geekpop, Ellen Dowell from Einstein’s Garden, and Ash from House of Strange, as well as all of the people who entered – our judges loved listening to the entries!

Helen Arney said “CONGRATULATIONS! I was so impressed by all the entries I heard, everyone who entered is a winner in my eyes. I mean, in my ears. I look forward to seeing what everyone does in the future. Whether you go on to use your creativity in the science world, or your love of science in another field… good luck!

Isy Suttie said “The LHC Song reminds me of the Magnetic Fields – lovely, charming, catchy and loads of info crammed in! I couldn’t get Lab 13’s song out of my head- very simple, effective, and makes me want to visit Lab 13. Zero Air Resistance is beautiful and haunting – would love to hear this live in a little underground music venue”

MJ Hibbett said “I loved everything about ‘The LHC Song’ – it celebrated something worth celebrating with a proper tune and lyrics that explained huge complexity in a light yet informative style that made me want to know more.”

And on the subject of our silver medallists, Lab 13: “It IS always fun to postulate – but who else has managed to get that into a song before? I would not argue with Lab 13.”

And what higher praise could there be than Tom Robinson playing “The LHC song” on his 6Music show last month – thanks Tom!
If you haven’t heard them, you can listen to all the winners again here. So – same time next year?

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