Science Showoff

Image courtesy Hilary Jackson

On October 4th I will have the great privilege of performing at the first ever Science Showoff event – a “scientific open mic” event put together by the incredible team behind the smash hit “Bright Club” nights. The evening will feature a host of scientists and Interesting People showing off about science in digestible ten-minute mouthfuls – people talking, singing and possibly baking about science and trying out new ideas. I’ll be there in my guise as Musical Scientist, singing a folk song about the journey of a neutron if I get it written in time, or about something else if I don’t. Entrance is free (with a collection for a local charity at the end), and the scheduled entertainment finishes at ten – at which point you can have an early night, or hang out in the pub asking performers difficult questions.

So please join us at the Wilmington Arms on Tuesday October 4th from 7pm – it promises to be a hell of a show (off).

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