British Science Association Science Communication Conference

An early plug, then, for the British Science Association Science Communication Conference, taking place over the 25th and 26th of May here in London. The theme for this year is “online engagement”, featuring high-profile figures like Cory Doctorow talking about democratisation of technology, Sophia Collins talking about her wonderful “I’m a scientist” project, and slightly off-topic, Simon Singh discussing the well-known libel case launched against him by the British Chiropractic Asssociation.

Under the online engagement umbrella, I’ll be running a discussion session on science podcasting, featuring Ben Valsler from the enormously successful Naked Scientists, Elizabeth Hauke from DIY podcast Short Science, and Frank Dondelinger from the student-run Edinburgh Uni Science podcast. All of these panellists have unique perspectives about starting a new podcast, creating interesting and accessible content, finding a stylistic voice, and growing an audience, as well as the more technical aspects. Of course, being the live producer and a presenter on Sony Silver Award winning podcastAnswer me this!”, as well as live producer on UCLs Bright Club podcast and doing everything for my own music podcast, I will probably venture a few opinions over the course of the session.

The conference has a varied agenda, covering everything from engaging policymakers and diversifying your audience to using games and social media in science communication. The conference will take place on May 25th and 26th at King’s Place in London and you can register here.

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