Songs about science (lots and lots of them)

In a change to our regular broadcast, last week marked the release of three records with a Songs about Science element, to which I had a significant contribution.

The first was Songs from the Scientific Cabaret, my first full-length album as Dr Martin Austwick, featuring ten songs about science, and available as a pay-what-you want download or limited edition CD (presented in a petri dish, with accompanying sleeve notes in the form of a scientific paper):

Release two is Geekpop’s Geek Like Me mini-album, featuring a one-off band version of my song The Day of The Snail, along with tracks by Spirit of Play, MJ Hibbert, Helen Arney and your favourite geeky musos:

Last but not least is The Overdrive Orchestra’s Never Outnumbered EP, where I played guitar on all the tracks, alongside the other 5 guitarists. Yes, five – hence “The Overdrive Orchestra”. One of those tracks is “To light, you’re just the same as the sky”, written about my previous day job as a researcher in biomedical optics by Gethan Dick as part of the “Trying and Trying and Trying” project:

A lot of science. A lot of music. There will be a test.

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